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The PDVSA logo is based on a sun-shaped, ornamented petroglyph, represented in the Guarataro stone, which is located in Caicara del Orinoco. The symbol of the sun as energy source is associated to the company.
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Workers’ Victory
Vanguardia Obrera Socialista by landslide in FUTPV elections

Caracas.- With 15,009 votes, List No. 7 of Vanguardia Obrera Socialista (VOS) won the elections of the directors of the petroleum workers union Federación Unitaria de Trabajadoras y Trabajadores Petroleros, Gas, Similares y Derivados de Venezuela (FUTPV), informed José Sánchez, president of the Electoral Commission, who informed the results after 99.7% of votes were tallied. The abstention rate was 21.7%.

Wills Rangel, from Vanguardia Obrera Socialista, won the Presidency of the Federation, while the Executive Board will now be composed as follows: José Bodas from list 1, secretary-general; Argenis Olivares (list 7), secretary of the Treasury; Jaime López (7), secretary of Economy and Social Affairs; Ivan Freites (1), secretary of Professionals and Technicians; Igor Rojas (7), secretary of Inter-Governmental Relations; Sandra Nieves (7), secretary of Trade Union Socio-political Training; Fredy Alvarado (9), Executive Secretary; Roger González (1) Deputy Executive Secretary;  Yubeli Rodríguez and Franklin Velásquez (7) as Executive Secretaries, same as Francisco Luna, from list 1.

Transparency and Celebration
Sánchez informed that the voting process was organized by the National Electoral Council, whose coordinators audited 124 polling stations during the elections, and selected randomly the voting machines that will be audited next week.

Meanwhile, the labor force that voted in favor of list 7 and one-person list 77 were present in all operational areas of the oil industry to celebrate the undisputed victory of Vanguardia Obrera Socialista. PDVSA workers in El Palito, in the state of Carabobo; La Salina, Maracaibo and Lagunillas, in Zulia; Puerto La Cruz and Anaco, in Anzoátegui; Barinas and Apure in Center-South; Amuay and Cardón in the Paraguaná Refining Complex, among other regions, rejoiced when they heard the news, which was possible thanks to their support expressed to VOS with a very high level of revolutionary awareness.

Winners in spokesperson and one-person list positions
Winners in spokesperson positions are: Marcos Padovani (list 7) as first spokesperson; Heriberto Bello (7) second spokesperson; Alfredo Manrique (1), third spokesperson; and Juan Ollarve and Frank Sánchez, both from list 7, as fourth and fifth spokesperson respectively.

The ballots in favor of list 7 of VOS account for 54.27% of the total ballots, which constitutes a majority support of the working class to the revolutionary option. Meanwhile, list 1 received 7,557 votes, accounting for 27.32% of the intention to vote; list 9, 2,698 votes (9.75%); list 3, 1,250 votes (4.52%); list 14, 342 votes (1.23%); list 5, 209 votes (0.65%); list 2, 156 votes (0.56%); and list 6, 127 votes (0.45%).

Regarding the one-person lists, occupying positions 13, 14 and 15, respectively, the results were as follows: Daniel Álvarez, list 77, with 14,761 votes (55.93%); Eudis Girot, list 77, with 14,682 votes (56.07%); Ángel Raúl Párica, list 77, with 14,662 votes (56,06%).

A Call to Unity
After being informed of the official results, new president of the FUTPV, Wills Rangel, highlighted the importance of awareness and unity to the adversary leaders in the elections, and that the priority must be the country and the working class. “It is a triumph of the workers and their only leader, Commander Chávez”.

Referring to the discussions of the Collective Labor Agreement of PDVSA workers, Rangel said: “We are moving towards a new labor relation and deepening of Socialism.”

Results of the Trade Union Oversight Commission:
Official member: Carlos Lisir, list 7.
Deputy member: Xiquiú Yánez, list 7.
Official member: Jorge Rouri, list 1.
Deputy member: Jairo Sibada.
Official member: William Gómez, list 7.
First Deputy member: Miguel González, list 7.
Second Deputy member: Marcos Ojeda, list 1.

Elected to the Disciplinary Court:
Official member: Juan Salazar, list 7.
Official member: Edgar Farías, list 1.
Official member Leonardo Urbina, list 7.
Official member: Marcos Reina, list 7.
Official member: Juan Barreto, list 1.
First Deputy member: Luis Carvajal, list 7.
Second Deputy member: Luisa Rojas, list 7.
Third Deputy member: Alexis Romero, list 9.