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The PDVSA logo is based on a sun-shaped, ornamented petroglyph, represented in the Guarataro stone, which is located in Caicara del Orinoco. The symbol of the sun as energy source is associated to the company.
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PDVSA and the Dianca, Eisa and Maua Jurong alliance agree the construction of 10 tankers

Caracas.- PDV Marina, a subsidiary of Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A., signed a contract with the alliance composed by Diques y Astilleros Nacionales, C.A. (DIANCA), and the Brazilian shipyards Eisa and Maua Jurong, for the construction of 10 tankers, 8 of them Panamax type of 70 thousand tons each, and the remaining two of 47 thousand tons each, following the guidelines of the Bolivarian Government and the 2006-2012 Oil Sowing Plan to strengthen the Venezuelan naval industry.

This agreement crystallizes the initiatives of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, and the President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who since 2005 developed the idea of building a certain number of tankers for PDVSA’s fleet in Brazilian shipyards. In the same fashion, the documents materialize the integration process in the framework of the agreements renewed by both countries during the visit of President Chavez to Brasilia on December 8.

Asdrubal Chavez, PDVSA’s director of Commerce and Supply and president of PDV Marina, explained that “the business plan of the subsidiary stipulates the enlargement of our fleet with the incorporation of at least 42 tankers until 2012. Also, a strategic alliance is established based on the cooperation between the shipyards Dianca of Venezuela and Eisa and Maua Jurong of Brazil, which strengthens the national naval industry”.

The president of the shipyard Maua Jurong, Jose Simas, highlighted the integrating process his country and the Venezuelan people are undergoing, and indicated that “through this agreement, the Brazilian and Venezuelan naval industries will be strengthened” and they will gain an important place in matters of maritime development.

On his part, president of Dianca, Raimundo Gulin Perez, described the steps taken by the Bolivarian Government in favor of Venezuelan naval sovereignty as giant. “The process of integration and cooperation between Brazil and Venezuela for the development of tankers in our country, an essential element for the growth of this sector, is truly important”, he affirmed.

After evaluating the technical and operational capabilities of several Brazilian shipyards, the legal terms to enter into contracts and their respective guarantees, as well as the technical specifications of the tankers to be built based on PDVSA standards, PDV Marina selected Eisa and Maua Jurong to build these 10 tankers.

The agreement envisages as the determinant point, the contribution of Brazilian shipyards to the Venezuelan naval development through joint investments that allow carrying out the construction of tankers in Venezuelan territory, as well as the promotion of parts and equipment companies intended to consolidate the national maritime sector regarding matters of construction of tankers, which represents an essential element for national oil sovereignty.