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The PDVSA logo is based on a sun-shaped, ornamented petroglyph, represented in the Guarataro stone, which is located in Caicara del Orinoco. The symbol of the sun as energy source is associated to the company.
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Job Democratization System strengthened as a recruitment system for PDVSA’s contractors

The Job Democratization System (SISDEM) has met the demand of professional, technical staff, and workers in general, required for different temporary job positions within the Venezuelan oil industry, specifically in Western, Eastern and South-Centered Venezuela. Through this system, PDVSA shows its intention of guaranteeing a fair distribution of employment nationwide.

Nowadays, SISDEM has registered a total of 24,634 people recruited all over the country by means of a transparent process aimed at assigning temporary job positions within the oil industry. A record figure of 57,132 people registered at SISDEM has been achieved since its creation. Then on, SISDEM turns to be one of the main databases in terms of possible candidates for job positions nationwide, and it has amounted to 445,083 people recruited. The Labor Relations Corporate Management –part of PDVSA’s Human Resources Executive Department- informed that in Western Venezuela 5,878 workers have been chosen to work for the oil industry. Just within the Paraguaná Refining Center, the figure has reached 7,068 people compared to the number of recruited people registered in Eastern Venezuela which amounts to 7,861. In South-Centered Venezuela, 3,827 workers have been chosen to be part of SISDEM. In general terms, 24,634 workers around the country who render services in 3,109 works, have been contracted.

State enterprises such as Corporación Venezolana de Guayana (CVG) and other companies from the private sector, have showed their interest in using this big database for their corresponding staff recruitment process for temporary or permanent job positions. In fact, PEQUIVEN, whose employees are working on negotiations regarding their collective bargaining agreement, intends to use this platform system to assign temporary jobs.

Among benefits offered by SISDEM it must be mentioned the artisanal certification process currently carried out by PDVSA’s Human Resources Executive Department which is based on information provided by SISDEM, a program that validates abilities showed by workers who are not yet identified. When it comes to people suffering from an illness, which have been considered unable to perform oil-related activities, PDVSA’s Health and Social Development Department meet their needs. It is responsible for rendering medical assistance required, even in case of surgeries or corresponding treatments. Likewise, people who have never worked for the hydrocarbon sector in Venezuela but are registered at SISDEM, are guided to other economical or educational activities, such as Social Missions, or they are persuaded to create cooperative groups or Social Production Companies.

The new PDVSA confirms its commitment to select and assign job positions on a fair and transparent basis by means of SISDEM; a mechanism that plays a key role for PDVSA’s contracting units, since it allows active and direct participation of oil-related communities and unions.