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Electoral council member calls on oil workers to maintain unity

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Caracas.- At a meeting with workers in the Ministry of Petroleum-PDVSA Complex in Caracas, National Electoral Council (CNE) member Socorro Hernández, called on oil workers to maintain unity with a patriotic spirit like they demonstrated 15 years ago during the Oil Sabotage (the strike and accompanying acts of sabotage against PDVSA in 2002 and 2003).

Hernández referred to a turning point during the sabotage, the rescue of the Pilín León ship –later renamed Negra Matea- as she asked workers to “sail that Pilín Leon ship again”, as they did back then. She deems essential the vanguard role that the workers play.

This is one in a series of talks with Ministry of Petroleum and PDVSA workers. Hernández was invited to speak in recognition of her participation in the recovery of PDVSA IT system which was broken into by the right during the sabotage.

She asked workers to remain committed to their responsibilities. "If in 2002 we had a problem, now the problem is bigger because we are under a blockade and we have to do our job. Every step that a worker takes while at work is a step that leads us to extract that barrel of oil that is so important for every Venezuelan”, she said.

Finally, she asked workers not to feel discouraged despite the drop in oil prices, the financial blockade and the sanctions. "We must redouble our efforts to move the industry forward, which means the future of our country", she said.

The rescue of Pilín León ship was carried out by Commander Hugo Chávez, together with the National Armed Forces, the oil workers and the people. It marked the beginning of the defeat of the sabotage, an unpatriotic act planned by the US, and driven by the right against the revolution and the Bolivarian Government.


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