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Oil workers will answer the call to increase oil production

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Caracas.- "82 years ago the oil working class showed the first signs of becoming the historical subject that would change the political and economic path marked by capitalism and exploitation. And just as yesterday it demonstrated bravery, taking control of an industry that the right tried to sabotage in 2002, today is offering a series of proposals to get production back on track, which shows the will and great motivation among this rank of patriots”, said People’s Minister of Social Labor Process, Néstor Ovalles.

He was a special guest during the sixth Chavista Meeting in La Campiña PDVSA headquarters in Caracas. It happened to be also National Oil Workers Day, created in honor of the first great Oil Strike in 1936 against the multinationals.

Wills Rangel, member of the National Constituent Assembly and President of United Federation of Oil Workers (FUTPV), confirmed the commitment of the oil working class to the guidelines issued by President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.

"The oil workers, who carry the historical burden of struggle over our shoulders answer the call, no turning back, of fellow President Nicolás Maduro, made on November 28, to boost oil production by one million barrels per day, with the same commitment and dedication with which we rescued our main industry after the oil sabotage organized by the right”, he said. The oil sabotage was the strike and accompanying acts of sabotage against PDVSA in 2002 and 2003.

Rangel also vindicated the role of the working class in the Bolivarian Government which "allows us to agree with the positions and proposals that help us to set the homeland’s destiny off, more than ever, in the path of socialism, as we promised our Eternal Commander”.

"The battle, in this case, is leaning towards the economic aspect, because we have always engaged in a political battle here in PDVSA, and we, the men and women of the oil industry, know about that. We are the same people that back in 2002 restored production in a month and a half”, he said.


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