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PDVSA Gas starts shipping 5,000 barrels of residual naphtha

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Barcelona.- Subsidiary PDVSA Gas began the first phase of the shipping of 5,000 barrels of residual naphtha that will be used as diluent for the lifting and shipping of heavy and extra heavy crude from the Hugo Chávez Orinoco Oil Belt (FPOHC), as part of the fulfillment of the Strategic Socialist Plan (PES) of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. 2016-2026, under the strategy of Socialist Grafting.

At the truck loading facility of the José Fractionation and Dispatch Plant in the city of Barcelona, External Director of PDVSA and spokesperson, Yurbis Gómez, said this milestone represents the realization of the proposals of the workers committed to the homeland, framed within cost reduction and the strengthening of national capacities, with the coordination of all the elements of PDVSA’s value circle being a key factor.

She also said that these achievements are part of the third phase of PDVSA, recognizing the fundamental role of the working class and its knowledge to increase production and strengthen the country's energy security.

"As students and workers of PDVSA Gas and the Upgraders, we unite our knowledge and in the laboratories of PDVSA Intevep, we perform technical tests to check that Petropiar’s synthetic crude oil meets all the necessary characteristics to be used as diluent of the heavy and extra heavy crude oil of the FPOHC. Today we broke paradigms and we are seeing the results of our dedication. We sent the first tanker truck which will save us 11 million dollars per month in the short term”, said Senior Supervisor of Fractionation operations of PDVSA Gas, Jesús Díaz.

"We are proud to be part of this Socialist Grafting that seeks energy independence, to continue recovering our production, despite the financial situation that Venezuela is experiencing and the blockade to which we are being subjected," said General Manager of Petromonagas, Luis Vásquez, who described this milestone as a demonstration of integration and coordination within PDVSA.

The inspection of operational areas and the control room of the José Fractionation and Dispatch Plant, marked the end of this event where the men and women of PDVSA ratified their commitment to continue fulfilling the legacy of Commander Hugo Chávez, continued today by Workers’ President Nicolás Maduro.


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