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PDVSA Petrozamora and OCAMAR begin strategic transportation partnership

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Lagunillas- The joint venture PDVSA Petrozamora, a subsidiary of Corporación Venezolana del Petróleo (CVP),  and the Maritime Support Coordination Office of the Navy (OCAMAR), attached to the People’s Ministry of Defense, initiated an agreement for the transportation of strategic material in Lake Maracaibo, as Petrozamora is bolstering its strategic production plans.

The agreement started with the transportation of 22 reels of 6” flexible well production tubing aboard Los Roques T-93 Ship, from Bolipuertos de Maracaibo’s dock 7 to Petrozamora’s Libertador II Pier in Bachaquero.

Petrozamora’s offices of Procurement, Major Maintenance and Operational Logistics were involved in the operation, with security provided by the Directorate General of Military Counterintelligence (DGCIM) and the National Navy.

This weekend, 40 km of flexible 6" pipe and 52 km of 2" will be shipped. The pipes are essential to start laying lines in the fields Bachaquero Lago and CeutaTreco, recover production and reduce deferred production.

For the President of Petrozamora, Juan Carlos Romero, this partnership is institutionally important and "given that it is an agreement between government agencies, we guarantee that the capital and funds used will remain within the country”.

He also said that it is a six-month agreement that provides for the transportation of machinery and strategic equipment from customs to the operational areas of Petrozamora, located in the municipalities of Lagunillas and Valmore Rodríguez.

"The good thing about this kind of partnership is that it gives us a lot of confidence. As the supplier is a government agency, we save time with the contracting processes and we have the guarantee of an excellent service delivery", said Christophe Gerard, Petrozamora executive, representative of the Gazprombank partner.

With this partnership, Petrozamora is moving forward with the consolidation of cooperation relations to increase production and support the welfare of Venezuela.


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