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Minister Quevedo asks National Comptroller for internal audit of PDVSA

Monday, 11 December 2017

Caracas.- The People’s Minister of Petroleum and President of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), Manuel Quevedo, requested from the Office of the National Comptroller General (CGR) and the Chief Prosecutor's Office, a review to strengthen PDVSA auditing units, ensure the transparency of processes and act directly on any deviations that might exist.

Comptroller General, Manuel Galindo, said it is normal for the highest incoming official to request an audit of this type geared at internal auditing units.

"It is a rule provided by the Organic Law of the General Comptroller of the Republic and the National Fiscal Control System and its regulations; and even more so when a top official, such as the petroleum minister, is taking the reins of a company”, he said.

He also said that once CGR begins the working group meetings, it will draw up a plan that does not exceed 30 days to start to see the results prior to the fiscal proceedings and the administrative investigations.

Minister Manuel Quevedo asked for the support of CGR so that all PDVSA entities and subsidiaries comply with the review and validation processes and validation of the company’s restructuring, as well as contract evaluation. He also asked for supervision of the actions of the new Board of Directors.

"First we will have an internal organizational restructuring to reduce bureaucratic and excessive structures; encourage the oil industries to adapt to the technical, legal and financial aspects; and safeguard the interests of the republic through the execution of satisfactory contracts for joint ventures and our homeland”, he said.

Later, from the Public Ministry, Quevedo said that the Ministry of Petroleum and PDVSA are providing all the necessary support and documentation to allow the Prosecutor's Office to conduct corresponding investigations.

He stressed that these are isolated cases that do not represent the PDVSA worker in administrative and operational areas.

Review of production plans

Quevedo also announced that the processes of 44 joint ventures in the Hugo Chávez Orinoco Oil Belt (FPO) are being reviewed in real time, in order to increase production by one million barrels.

"With this production plan, contractual and organizational review process with the joint ventures, we are going to see the fruits of the oil industry in a very short time”, he said.

He also sent a message of support to the honest PDVSA workers so that they continue to steadily increase production and benefit the Venezuelan people.


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