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President Maduro appoints Asdrúbal Chávez as new president of Citgo

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Caracas.- The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, appointed Asdrúbal Chávez as the new president of Citgo Petroleum Corporation, a subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) in the United States. He made the announcement during a televised address from Miraflores Palace.

"Asdrúbal Chávez is going to restructure, recover and strengthen our Venezuelan capital and investment company in the United States. Asdrúbal assumes this restructuring process starting now”, said the president.

"I filed a complaint before Chief Prosecutor Tarek William Saab on the serious crimes of treason, corruption and surrendering of the homeland’s assets that were being committed by the Citgo company”, he said.

According to President Maduro, the Chief Prosecutor's Office conducted the corresponding investigations and concluded that serious crimes had allegedly been committed; and on Tuesday, November 21, the Venezuelan Citgo executives were arrested.

"Enough of treason against the revolution and against our people; enough of these homeland traitors disguised as chavistas. They were going to steal Citgo from us. I didn’t know that some of these executives had US citizenship. Some of them had already been denounced by Wikileaks as CIA collaborators”, he said.

Asdrúbal Chávez profile

Asdrúbal Chávez is a chemical engineer from the Universidad de los Andes, 1979. He has been People’s minister of Petroleum and Mining (today known as People’s Ministry of Petroleum). He began his career in the Venezuelan oil industry in Carabobo’s state El Palito Refinery’s expansion project. He held various positions in Industrial Services, Distillation and Specialties, Conversion and Treatment, Crude and Products Movement, Programming and Economics as well as Process Engineering.

In 1989 he was assigned to the company UOP, in the United States, for a Processes specialization. In the 90s, he led other projects for the expansion and organization of El Palito Refinery, holding various managerial positions.

In 2001 he was appointed manager of Human Resources of the company Bitúmenes Orinoco, S.A. (Bitor). The following year he became a member of Bitor Board of Directors for one year. In 2003, he was appointed executive director of Human Resources of PDVSA. A year later, he took over as executive director of Commerce and Supply of PDVSA.

Since 2009 he has held major positions as vice minister of Petrochemicals, president of PDV Marina, director of Citgo and representative of various subsidiaries and joint ventures linked to the Venezuelan state.

In 2007 he was appointed vice president of Refining, Trade and Supply of PDVSA; and in September 2014 he was named People’s minister of Petroleum and Mining
until his election as deputy for Barinas state in December 2015.


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