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PDVSA logistics base system reduces operational costs by 73% at the Belt

Friday, 07 July 2017

El Tigre.- Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) has made significant savings of up to 100 billion bolivars per month by implementing the mobile and fixed logistic base system in the Hugo Chávez Orinoco Oil Belt which optimizes uptime and reduces production costs.

The cost of core operations in the Belt has been reduced from 135 to 35 billion or 73%, thanks to these innovative mobile bases (since 2015), and fixed bases (since 2017).

Delivery times for primary services and materials required by heavy and extra heavy crude oil production has been reduced from 20.4 to 10.5 days or 50%.

This announcement was made by President of PDVSA Eulogio Del Pino, during the opening ceremony of the Ayacucho 1Fixed Logistics Base, within the framework of the Hydrocarbons Economic Driver, as the Bolivarian Economic Agenda promoted by President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro moves forward.

Del Pino called on the Venezuelan business community to participate in development projects in the Hugo Chávez Orinoco Oil Belt:  “There is room for the private sector to grow with us. This is the seed that PDVSA has planted. It is important that we move forward with this concept. We already have 8 mobile bases and 4 additional ones under construction. We’ll continue providing support to the Industrial Mobile Plants of Venezuela".

PDVSA invested 8.2 billion bolivars for the construction of this modern Ayacucho 1 Logistics Base, located in the Belt’s Ayacucho block; the base was built in 6 months -a record time.

The opening event was attended by members of the Hydrocarbons Economic Driver, such as the President of the Venezuelan Oil Chamber Alexis Medina, and the head of the Bolivarian Federation of Energy and Petroleum (FEBEP) Hugo Pérez. Also in attendance were President of PDVSA Industrial MG Erlyn Rojas, President of the United Federation of Workers of Oil, Gas, Similar Products and Derivatives (FUTPV) Wills Rangel, and other PDVSA officials.

PDVSA currently operates 7 mobile bases, located in the Junín (4), Ayacucho (1) and Carabobo (2) Divisions, in addition to the Ayacucho 1 fixed base, located in Ayacucho block’s Dobokubi field. All the bases are overseen by the Belt Logistics Deputy Office.

We continue to optimize core operations, and increase operational reliability and efficiency towards a Socialist and Indestructible PDVSA.


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