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Nearly four and a half million people have benefited from our Harvest of Achievements

PDVSA La Estancia, unstoppable after 12 years


Caracas, May 12, 2017.- PDVSA La Estancia has marked 12 years of unstoppable and uninterrupted efforts focused on three lines of action: Social, Cultural and Restoring the Value of Heritage Assets. Nearly four and a half million people have benefited from our Harvest of Achievements.

After the oil sabotage (the strike and accompanying acts of sabotage against PDVSA) in 2002 and early 2003, Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) implemented a new paradigm in the distribution of oil wealth by providing direct support to programs and Social Missions. PDVSA assumed a key social and political role in the development of the Bolivarian Revolution. It became a corporation close to the people, engaged with their needs, dedicated to the transformation of our social reality. PDVSA La Estancia arouse against this backdrop, back in 2005.

PDVSA’s social and cultural branch has showcased the values of our land, exalted our roots and reaffirmed our cultural identity and traditions. It has become a springboard for new talents and a stage for joy, with a philosophy of free of charge, quality events that endure, specially geared for children of the Homeland.

In these 12 years, PDVSA La Estancia has organized 4,378 cultural events including festivals, concerts, craft and gastronomy fairs, children's activities, training workshops, plays, forums, talks, conferences, film exhibits and shows in its offices in the cities of Caracas, Paraguaná, Maracaibo, and the most recent addition, Maturín.

PDVSA La Estancia’s varied and appealing programming follows the calendar of Venezuelan traditions, celebrating festivals such as Carnival or Cruz de Mayo, and it reflects the quality and variety of our culture with drums, saints and devils, jazz, urban network, Latin American music, traditional Venezuelan music such as joropo, parranda, and gaitas, as well as other music offerings.

Children of the Homeland have always held an important place in PDVSA La Estancia’s calendar of events, with 500 events per year. Every weekend, free of charge, the little ones enjoy shows -clowns, magicians, mimes, puppets, children's theater, workshops, sports activities, circus. Events such as the First Meeting of Burras and Burriquitas, Callao Carnival, Dancing Devils, and the Toy Fair already stand out in our memories of childhood.

This is how PDVSA La Estancia has faithfully complied with the Homeland Act Plan 2013-2019, which establishes as a state duty "to strengthen values that preserve identity, build sovereignty and defense of the Homeland, from the physical, spiritual and intellectual enjoyment, and the recognition of our cultural and natural heritage ... To consolidate the leading role of the people in cultural and sports manifestation, focused in the creation of consciousness that generates transformations for the construction of Socialism”.

We have contributed with the development of the plastic arts in Venezuela. In our facilities the public has been able to see and enjoy exhibits from major Venezuelan plastic artists. And we have given new artists the opportunity to showcase their work.

12 years spreading Good Living

PDVSA La Estancia, through its heritage line of action, has acted in coordination with other Venezuelan state bodies in order to restore, recover and maintain high value buildings and public spaces.

Major restorations and heritage improvements include: the Fifth Version of Venezuela Square’s Fountain and arts complex, Caracas Sphere of Maestro Soto in the Francisco de Miranda Freeway, Restoration Project of Sabana Grande Boulevard and neighboring areas, Uracoa Mural , El Porvenir Urban Forest, Gazebo of El Calvario Ezequiel Zamora Park, Walled Areas of Generalísimo Francisco de Miranda Park, Skate Plaza of Paraguaná (Falcón state), restoration of Santa Ana Temple (Nueva Esparta state), restoration of squares Bolívar and Pichincha of Cumaná (Sucre state), Restoration and Integral Modernization Project of Rafael Urdaneta Bridge’s Road and Architectural Lighting System (Zulia state),  Cardón Cinema (Falcón state), and El Barroso square (Zulia state).

PDVSA La Estancia has also produced a series of murals throughout the country that have undoubtedly filled with color, emotion and peace living spaces such as  Sabana Grande Boulevard, where you can enjoy works dedicated to Venezuelan singer Alí Primera, as well as works by young artists that fill with creativity the boulevard and other areas of Greater Caracas. In other cities, many murals such as artist Mario Morales’ La Chinita, or Ender Cepeda’s Venezuela Eight Stars in the state Zulia, have provided an opportunity to appreciate culture.

The social and cultural branch of the oil industry dedicated an 84-meter long mural to Supreme Commander Hugo Chávez, as a tribute to his memory. It covers key aspects of the life of the socialist leader, iconic images and memorable quotes. The mural welcomes visitors to the Cuartel de la Montaña in Caracas (military museum where Chavez's remains lie); it was made by young artists, workers of the new PDVSA and the community.

Maturín is now unstoppable

On May 6, the Bolivarian Government, through its Siembra Petrolera Plan, inaugurated PDVSA La Estancia Maturín office. It was a moving event. This was the result of coordinated work between different levels of Government (national, regional and local), and efforts by President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro to give Venezuelan people another tool to strengthen cultural management and wholesome entertainment free of charge. It is a great achievement of the “oil harvest” to have an office now in the state of Monagas.

We fulfill the Revolution

From its beginnings, PDVSA’s social and cultural branch, through its Social line of action, tended to the needs and various requests from the communities and supported individual and collective cultural initiatives, funded social projects, provided guided tours, supported Community Councils, and provided assistance with medical cases. Social benefits that are granted come with advice, organization and a sense of co-responsibility for those that receive the benefits and a collective, not an individual, perspective.

Since 2007, PDVSA La Estancia has directed its social policy to community assistance and management through the reasonable use of restored spaces, and responding to policies of inclusion and participatory planning. The idea is to ensure the participation of the members of these communities in all phases of project execution, taking into account the existence of multiple urban imaginaries that make up the cities and urban centers of Venezuela.

Additionally, we offer the Knowledge Multiplication program for national training workshops; the cultural and recreational program "Festival of Traditional Games", which brings joy and tradition to the children from the schools of various communities; La Alquitrana Children's Parks program, and hundreds of Courts for Peace throughout Venezuela.

PDVSA's social and cultural branch, through its Restoring the Value of Heritage Assets line of action and together with the People’s Ministry of Culture, supported the Center for Cultural Diversity and the Cultural Heritage Institute in joint efforts to achieve the recognition of Callao Carnival as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, a list established by Unesco.  Also, protection plans for the six Venezuelan cultural manifestations already on this list were executed.

This is just a sample of the work of the Bolivarian Government, led by the workers’ President Nicolás Maduro, in favor of Venezuelans, regain patriotism, and build Bolivarian Socialism in this, the land of Bolívar and Chávez.

¡PDVSA La Estancia, unstoppable!


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