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What is SISDEM?

The Employment Democratization System (SISDEM) is the technological platform for the assignment of temporary employment positions in the petroleum and petrochemical industry, as provided for in the respective Collective Conventions in force, which provides for the establishment of a transparent and objective mechanism that guarantees equal employment opportunities and non-discrimination in recruitment, selection and hiring of personnel by contractors.

SISDEM is a mechanism to guarantee transparency in the administration of employment in the country.

It was born as a result of the agreement reached by Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) and the trade unions Fedepetrol, Sinutrapetrol and Fetrahidrocarburos, with respect to the reformulation of numeral 3 of clause 69 of the Collective Labor Convention of the hydrocarbons sector.

From this agreement, the Joint Commission for the Establishment of the System of Capture, Registration, Selection and Postulation of the Personnel of the Contractors Companies of the Oil Field was constituted.


The fundamental objective of SISDEM is to guarantee objectivity, transparency and equal opportunities in the process of recruitment, selection and nomination of the personnel of the contracting companies responsible for the execution of projects, works and services in the oil sector, as well as in other sectors of the nation.

It allows for Social Comptrollership at the national, regional and local levels. The System will administer 100% of the temporary petroleum employment of contractors.

How does SISDEM work?

The registration of the applicant is free, personal and individual, without intermediaries of any nature, it is done in a SISDEM Office located in our oil areas throughout the country or through itinerant registration days made in the communities.

Selection criteria
The applicant’s experience, geographic location, family burden, level of education, experience, age, nationality, certification and time from the last job will be taken into account, among other important technical and social variables

People of the geographical areas where the works are carried out will be considered with high priority, as the endogenous actor is a priority element in the selection of the personnel.

Applicants who register with SISDEM and meet the requirements may opt for a temporary job within the oil industry.

Is SISDEM auditable?

SISDEM, on whose pillars rests objectivity, transparency and equal opportunities required for the implementation of the process of recruitment, selection and nomination of the personnel of the contracting companies responsible for the execution of the projects, works and services in the oil field, may be audited by the organized communities of the country, by local, regional and national social comptrollers.
Social organizations, in order to ensure the transparency, professionalism and justice required for the administration of employment, will have the opportunity to verify the full functioning of the SISDEM Technology Platform.

The System of Democratization of Employment represents a step forward in the quest to guarantee equality of opportunity to the aspirants, since it tends to eradicate the harmful differences and the corrupt practices evidenced over time.


People from the geographic areas where the projects are carried out and those who have been unemployed for a long time will be prioritized. Women are registered and selected on equal terms with men, thus respecting their rights.

How is SISDEM different from the previous oil employment scheme?


Article 87 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela guarantees the right to work. Venezuela adopts measures so that everyone can get a job and have a decent living. Thus we care about ensuring transparency in the registration, selection, verification and nomination of personnel of contracting companies responsible for the execution of temporary works, projects and / or services for PDVSA Petróleo, S.A. and PDVSA Gas, S.A.

Together with the trade union organizations that signed the respective collective bargaining agreements between 2005 and 2007, it was agreed that a mechanism should be set up to provide due objectivity and equal opportunities, to replace the system of lists of job applicants provided by Fedepetrol Federations, Fetrahidrocarburos and Sinutrapetrol National Union, established in numeral 3 of clause 69 of the aforementioned collective bargaining agreements.

In compliance with the commitment assumed pursuant to numeral 3 of Clause 74 "Final Agreements" of the aforementioned Collective Conventions, the automated tool called the System of Democratization of Employment (SISDEM) is created. Once the System referred to in literal a of this agreement, the trade union representation agrees that the provisions of numeral 3 of Clause 69 is without effect, as regards the method that gives preference to supply jobs.

From the aforementioned, the need arises to create an instrument for the management of labor administrative procedures that allow us the homologation of the practices in the matter at the level of all the business units and subsidiaries of Petróleos de Venezuela.

Considering that this platform has been constituting itself as a powerful tool for the democratization of employment, with a high Social Justice component and with elements that make it totally subject to audits and to the monitoring and oversight of the Social Comptrollers SISDEM, the use has been extended to other State Enterprises, and therefore, considered as the mechanism of distribution of employment in such collective agreements.

What documents should I submit to register with SISDEM?

To register at SISDEM you must present the following documents in the office closest to your residence:

· Identity card.
· Letter of residence.
· Marriage certificate or letter of concubinage.
· Birth certificate of children.
· Evidence from previous work.
· Occupational certification (CIED, INCE, OMI, etc.)
· Degrees, diplomas and other academic and / or labor accreditations.

The process of receipt of collections will be flexible, in order to guarantee the participation of the largest number of unemployed and thus safeguard the right to work.

· Applicants may only register once in the system.
· The documents will be immediately returned by the analysts.

Social Comptrollership

Promotes the participation of the people in the exercise of the Social Comptroller's Office in verifying the transparent performance of the personnel selection system for temporary positions in works and services under the CCTP regime, performed by the contracting companies for PDVSA, as part of the participation of popular power.

Its purpose is to organize, integrate and regulate the operation of Social Comptroller Units around SISDEM, to respond to the needs and aspirations of the community in relation to oil employment with equity and social justice.
What options do I have if I am not selected for temporary employment in the oil industry?

The mechanism offers the possibility of guiding Venezuelans about ways to improve their training and, their work skills, as well as other sources of decent and rewarding non-oil employment that bolster the economy, at the national, regional and local level.

The scheme establishes that applicants are registered in the System of Democratization of Employment (SISDEM), in their respective region or locality and through a software program that weighs social variables and executes the selection of those who could choose temporary employment oil. Those who do not qualify will have the possibility to enter the missions Robinson, Ribas and Sucre, as the case may be, to the Mission Vuelvan Caras for endogenous development, via creation of cooperatives, micro-enterprises and social promotion, and to an Occupational Recertification System in petroleum craft trades.


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