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The international activities of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) have undergone an unprecedented expansion during recent years; this expansion is accompanied by an increase in its international projection and an acknowledgement of its high operating levels, technological expertise and excellence in management.
Today, Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. maintains a solid presence abroad, with strong commercial relationships with its partners in each country as well as nations with great investment potential in the oil business


The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has introduced the Petroamérica initiative for the energy integration of the peoples of our continent, within the framework of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) and based on the principles of solidarity and complementarity of the countries concerning the fair and democratic use of resources for the development of their peoples.
Petroamérica adheres to the guiding principles of ALBA: energy integration, solidarity, complementarity, fair trade, promotion of investments in Latin America, and special and differentiated treatment of nations according to their capabilities. Both initiatives share the historical and fundamental purpose of uniting the capacities and strengths of the countries that comprise them for the joint definition of broad lines of common political action among states that share the same vision on the exercise of sovereignty, while developing their own identity.


PDVSA created in 2006 the subsidiary PDVSA América, SA in order to implement the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela's energy policies in Latin America, the Caribbean and continent-wide, and position Venezuela as a regional energy power, while developing energy, political, cultural and economic relations favoring equity and social justice.
PDVSA América focuses on strengthening the role of PDVSA as a reliable supplier of hydrocarbons and in establishing the market diversification strategy promoted by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for the creation of a new world energy map, where Latin America becomes an energy hub.
One of the strategies for the joint undertaking of various projects is setting up joint ventures, mostly with state-owned companies, so that countries become engaged in their own development and for the optimization of execution capacity.


In September 2005, PDVSA founded the subsidiary PDV Caribe, S.A., the result of the PETROCARIBE Agreement. PDV Caribe plans and executes the activities of transportation, reception, storage, distribution and commercialization of hydrocarbons, along with the necessary infrastructure projects to ensure the sovereign management of the energy resources in member countries.

In 2015, PDV Caribe and its joint ventures reviewed their progress in achieving their goals to visualize their next steps and optimize internal processes, with the aim of increasing management efficiency.


• Antigua and Barbuda: WEST INDIES OIL COMPANY LTD. (PDV Caribe, S.A. 25%, Government of Antigua and Barbuda 51% and Fancy Bridge Ltd. 24%).

• Belize: ALBA Petrocaribe Belize Energy Ltd. (PDV Caribe, S.A. 55% and Belize Petroleum and Energy Ltd. 45%).

• Dominica: PDV Caribe Dominica Ltd. (PDV Caribe, S.A. 55% and Dominica National Petroleum Company Ltd. 45%)

• Grenada: PDV Grenada Ltd. (PDV Caribe, S.A. 55% and Petrocaribe Grenada Ltd. 45%).

• Jamaica: Petrojam Ltd. (PDV Caribe, S.A. 49% and Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica 51%).

• Nicaragua: ALBA de Nicaragua, S.A. ALBANISA ( PDV Caribe, S.A. 51% and PETRONIC 49%).

• Dominican Republic: REFIDOMSA - PDV,S.A. (PDV Caribe, S.A. 49% and Dominican State 51%).

•Saint Kitts and Nevis: PDV St. Kitts Nevis Ltd. (PDV Caribe, S.A. 55% and St. Kitts Nevis Energy Company Ltd. 45%).

•Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: PDV Saint Vincent and The Grenadines Limited (PDV Caribe, S.A. 55% and Petrocaribe St. Vincent and The Grenadines SVG Ltd. 45%).

• El Salvador: ALBA Petróleos de El Salvador (PDV Caribe, S.A. 60% and the Asociación Intermunicipal Energía para El Salvador ENEPASA 40%).

• Haiti: SOCIETE D´INVESTISSEMENT PETION BOLIVAR, S.A. (Petión-Bolívar) (PDV Caribe, S.A. 51% and Haitian State 49%).

•Suriname: PDV SURINAME, N.V. (PDV Caribe, S.A. 50% and SURFUEL, N.V. 50%).

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