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The objectives of Trade and Supply for the year 2015 were:

• Maximize the Nation's revenues from the sales of hydrocarbons to the international market.
• Guarantee the supply of hydrocarbons to the domestic and international markets aligned to the new geopolitical order of Venezuela.
• Diversify markets for crude and products looking toward the Asian market in China and India and support energy integration with the countries of South America, Central America and the Caribbean.
• Guarantee the timely supply of hydrocarbons to countries under the ALBA and PETROCARIBE agreements.
• Reduce transportation, storage and infrastructure costs.

Exports 2015

The distribution of crude oil exports and refining derivatives is as follows:

• Crude exports: North America: 733 thousand barrels per day (MBD) (38%); Asia: 802 MBD (41%); The Caribbean: 255 MBD (13%), Europe: 150 MBD (7.6%); South America 4 MBD (0.2%) and Central America: 6 MBD (0.3%).

• Refined products and NGL: Asia: 282 MBD (60%); North America: 71 MBD(15%); South America: 34 MBD (7%); The Caribbean: 30 MBD (6%); Europe: 33 MBD (7%); Africa and other destinations: 21 MBD (4%) and Central America 4 MBD (1%). Finally, the destinations for total exports were: Asia: 1,084 MBD (45%); North America: 804 MBD (33%); Caribbean: 286 MBD (12%); Europe: 183 MBD(7.5%); South America 37 MBD (1.5%); Central America: 10 MBD (0.4%); Africa and other destinations: 21 MBD (0.8%).

Domestic Market

It is the organization responsible for marketing and distributing petroleum products in the country and consistently meet the needs of the domestic market, pursuant to the 2013-2019 Homeland Plan Act .

Installed storage capacity is 8,360 million barrels (MMB) for commercialization in the domestic market. We also have the capacity to transport 379 MBD via pipelines (1,144 km of interconnection systems) and 307 MBD via terminals (excluding the volume of Liquefied Petroleum Gas transported and imports of process inputs). We also have a finished lubricant bottling plant for the automotive, industrial and electrical sectors with a production capacity of 3.45 MBD.

International Marketing

With regard to the international commercialization of retail products, and in order to comply with the geopolitical vision of Latin American union, in 2015 Commercit, a PDVSA subsidiary, placed 5.5 million gallons of finished lubricants (equivalent to 130.2 MB), 81 million gallons of gasoline and diesel fuels (equivalent to 1,940 MB) and 2.8 million asphalts and lubricating bases (equivalent to 67 MB), together with international subsidiaries (99% Commercit - 1% Tradecal), PDV Ecuador, SA; PDV Brasil Combustiveis e Lubrificantes, Ltda. and PDV Guatemala Ltd. This represents a volumetric decrease in total products of 0.37 million gallons compared to the year 2014.

Total sales of hydrocarbons for Asia and China (China Fund)
In general, the performance of PDVSA hydrocarbon sales to the Asian continent, between 2010-2015, shows the increase in oil and product placements in that region consistent with our market diversification guidelines.


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