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Exploration and Production maximizes the long term economic value of gaseous and non-gaseous hydrocarbon reserves, while ensuring the safety of its facilities and personnel, and in harmony with Venezuelan society and the environment.


Exploration is key withih the oil industry processes, as it drives the discovery of hydrocarbons (gaseous and non-gaseous) in the subsoil. Exploration is the first link in the chain, as it is part of the upstream business, and the lifeblood of PDVSA.


The primary goal of Exploration is the incorporation of hydrocarbon resources, following PDVSA guidelines to ensure business continuity. In the short and medium term, PDVSA strategy to improve performance has been to adopt best practices for business, processes, productivity, environment and industrial safety operations. The production stage involves the exploitation of oil and natural gas from the reservoirs or reserves. The production phase of a hydrocarbon producing field begins after the presence of the resource has been verified through the drilling of exploratory wells.

Exploration and Production processes are interrelated through the execution of the different phases that are carried out before, during and after the projects that underpin the business plan.

There is a broad and close relation between Exploration and the different Production organizations, such as drilling, integrated studies, engineering and construction, reserves, among others. This is a bidirectional relationship (client-provider) that must be highly dynamic and effective in order to achieve the common objectives of Exploration and Production. In addition, thanks to innovations in technical and technological areas, exploration and production activities have been strengthened and revitalized, with the goal of making PDVSA the most successful oil company of the 21st century.

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 1.2 Exploration Stages
 1.3 Production Stages
 1.4 Exploration 2015
 1.5 Exploration achievements 2015
 1.6 Production 2015
 1.7 Production achievements 2015
 1.8 Production achievements in the East.
 1.9 Production achievements in the West.
 1.10 Achievements in Orinoco Oil Belt Production
 1.11 Offshore Production Achievements
 1.12 Production Research and Development


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